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Why is that even after completing one’s degree, the fear of rejection and struggle overcomes us? Why is that despite working so hard academically, our youth does not get the confidence and guidance to improve their personality? What are the emotional and professional needs of people who are looking for a job or who are stuck? What should job seekers expect when giving interviews?

These are just few of the many questions which are constantly lined up in our research department. At HMC, we are determined to answer these questions through practical solutions. Our goal is to create a safe space for people to share their stories with us so that we can guide them on their career path.

Fresh graduates are always intimidated by the idea of stepping into the corporate world and look for a stable job. The mid-life crisis forces many people into doubting their abilities and slowing them down professionally. Sometimes, people do not know what their potential is and they only need direction to get started.

People who have start-ups or small businesses often find themselves in a technical fix and they do not know how to utilize their limited resources to the best of their abilities. All of these problems are real, and maybe you relate to them too. At HMC, we are more vigilant than you are for all your professional needs. We recognize that you are lost, confused and even a little scared. We want to make you feel understood and important. We want to accompany you on your professional journey.

At HMC, we put you first in everything we do. Our training sessions, elaborate counselling appointments, course products, business consultations and mentoring sessions are all tailored keeping in view your needs. We recognize that our clients have beginner, intermediate and advanced level of exposure to the corporate world. Hence, we recommend you a plan of action that would benefit you the most. We keep an eye out for opportunities that can groom you professionally while ensuring the process is amusing and mentally reassuring. Your comfort is our priority in all scenarios!

Our team of experts in Human Resource and Mentoring are determined individuals who will prove their skill through your success. We invest our time and energy into every individual with the sole expectation that you will learn how to be more confident than ever before. We want to strengthen your skillset and help you work on your weaknesses so that you can handle any challenge thrown at you. By making you more resilient towards pressure while opening your mind to the idea of change, we can develop a growth mindset that will positively impact your personal and professional life.


Who Do We
Work for?

We're enthusiastic about the diverse kind of clients that we have the honor to serve every year!
Fresh Graduates
People who have just graduated from their universities (BS/BSc/MA/MSc)
Business Planners
Teams and individuals with a start-up or small-business
Job Seekers
People who have been trying to get a stable job for years
Business Enthusiasts
Individuals who own businesses and need help with digital marketing
Midlife Adults
30-50 yrs old individuals who require professional guidance
Aspiring tutors & HR workers
People who want to pursue a career in online teaching and HR department

A Quick Look
At Our Results


So empowered!

I didn’t imagine I would get such great career consultancy in Pakistan right after graduation. HMC serves you well!
English Literature Major

Best decision-ever!

I was horrified by the idea of the job world! Everyone scares you about it but these guys at HMC really get you believing in yourself!
Electrical Engineer

Back to Basics!

I didn’t even have a CV when I came to these guys and that’s how I knew how badly I needed their help! I have just applied to a couple of jobs, fingers crossed.
Computer Science Major

All the right answers

I run a small online confectionary business and I wasn’t making much until I started using digital marketing hacks to my advantage. These guys are clever!!
Entrepreneur, 30

The right investment

I have a very stable farming business but I’ve always felt like I can do something more. Talking to these guys has really stirred my passion for journalism.
Entrepreneur, 45

Wonderful HRMS course!

I really love how much effort these guys have put into making these detailed HRMS courses for people. Shows effort that we all need to stay motivated!
HR Major, 25

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