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Did you know that on average, a recruiter spends only 6 secs on your resume? The first impression, here, is the last impression.

Thousands of templates exist on the internet with various designs, fonts, graphics and what not. But still, the most impressive CV/Resumes and Cove letters are the ones that are simple, yet written in immaculate language expression. These documents reflect your entire personality and one little mistake can heavily impact the recruiter’s decision of employment.

Effortfully crafted CVs, Resumes and Cover letters can land you the job of your dreams and we are here to teach you all the tips and hacks to perfect these documents. English as an international language, has become increasingly important to companies and they expect your documents to show your language competence.


Learn the Art of
CV/Resume & Cover Letter Writing

You can make or break an opportunity by merely focusing on your CV.

Surprisingly, a lot of people spend minimal time working on their CVs/Resumes or Cover letters when applying for a job. But when hundreds and thousands of job applicants will apply for the same position, how will you stand out? What would you do differently that will pull your CV out of the pile of papers? How can you ensure that you do not make spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in your Cover letters? How can you show companies that you are a valuable asset?

HMC maintains a team of professional content writers who have been studying the art of English expression in CV, Resume and Cover letter writing. Our goal is to transfer this valuable knowledge to you so that you can earn any job you want to.

While CV/Resume and Cover letter writing may seem simple – all you have to do is write about yourself – it is much more complicated than just recording experiences. It is about how you present them so that it is recruiter-friendly.

We transform our client’s CVs, Resumes and Cover letters into persuasive professional documents that will demand attention from the recruiter. Learn to look extremely ready and available to the needs and demands of any job you wish to have!

We not only teach you how to improve your CVs and Resumes but also guide you how you should upgrade and update them according to each job you apply. Mostly, people make one CV, Resume and Cover letter and send it out to all places without considerable change. This has huge implications.

You don’t want to look like you take the job for granted – it is always advisable to sound interested rather than interesting. We will help you personalize your Cover letters so that you can show the effort recruiter is trying to look for.

In addition to the content of these professional documents, we will teach you how to design them. Get only HMC’s assistance and advice on how to make your CVs, Resumes and Cover letters immaculate.

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play the perfect "show, not tell"

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set a standard for your recruiter

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