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LinkedIn is the most trendy professional platform to connect with professionals, useful resource and opportunities that can come from anywhere in the world!

LinkedIn has become an increasingly important professional socialization platform for the corporate world. Simple put, it is the Facebook of professionals! Today, LinkedIn is used by renowned companies and personalities who use it to not only maintain their virtual presence but to also watch the market closely.

With LinkedIn, you can connect to people from your own field and learn from their experiences. In addition, people who are looking for jobs can use LinkedIn as an effective job finding platform. LinkedIn lets you interact with a community of aspirants who can inspire and motivate you.


Upgrade Your
LinkedIn Game

Learn how to make the most impressive LinkedIn profile with HMC’s experts!

The purpose of including LinkedIn in our “Brand Yourself” package is to ensure that our clients are staying up to date with the modern social platforms that can prove to be resourceful. Through an impactful profile, not only can people become more socially visible in their circles, but they can also gain considerable confidence. Making a LinkedIn profile is a value add-on that can leave an impression on a recruiter going through your CV, and we are here to help you profit off that possibility.

We want our clients to avail all the opportunities that are around them, which is why LinkedIn training is considered crucial at HMC. With a LinkedIn profile, you can avail various benefits such as:

  • Connect to a large professional community
  • Find people/connections from your own field
  • Build connections with people from other fields
  • Learn about market trends
  • Find new job postings and apply through LinkedIn
  • Follow corporate leaders for advice, suggestions and more
  • Maintain a blog and share your views for follow-ups
  • Look for companies that best suit you
  • Stay professional motivated

LinkedIn may seem complex and difficult to maintain, but in reality it is just one-time hard work and then you’re good to go for a long while. On your LinkedIn profile, you add your experiences, your educational background, your publications (if any), your accomplishments, your licenses and certifications, your volunteer experience, your skills & endorsements and so on. Other people can write recommendations for you that appear on your profile, and hence visible to any company interested in hiring you. You can also write blogs, share posts from your idols and engage through comments to build a strong profile. You may even be able to find a mentor who can guide you better than the people around you.

LinkedIn lets you set your profile in the hiring mode with the “Open to Work” option. This way you can use LinkedIn to find jobs that best suit you such as part-time, full-time, distant etc.

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