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Don't waste your time and energy overthinking your professional choices and decisions. Trust our career counsellors to align your potentials with your goals!

Most of or clients who opt for professional career counselling are fresh graduates, job-seekers and people who have been working at some place for a while now without much progress. We believe that there is no age limit to when you can make the right decision – provided of course you choose the best advice.

Our professional career counselling sessions are wired to peak into the minds of individuals who are confused and need someone to show them direction. The effort and energy you need to put into your goals is there – you only need a push from someone you can trust, and we are here to value it.


Get the Best Counsellors
for Your Big Decisions

We’ll show you who you can become when you are unstoppable, fearless and dynamic.

At HMC, our trained career counsellors with over 10 years of practical experience work wholeheartedly to give every individual the comfort to share their professional concerns. We believe that it’s never too late to start again, and we encourage our clients to constantly evaluate their circumstances to hit on ideas more daring than before. You will find our career counsellors easy to talk to, with an innate sense of empathy for you.

In our detailed career counselling sessions given to fresh graduates, we guide them extensively about their technical and soft skills that are most desirable in the market. We ensure that you are confident in the profession you pick and offer you options to test what you are passionate about.

We also refer you to firms that can best kickstart your career and guide you on how you can achieve the skills that are missing in you. Your weaknesses and thoroughly analyzed and action-based solutions are suggestion according to your personality. We also run personality tests to ensure that you are consciously and unconsciously receptive to our suggestions. Your responses, comments, suggestions and queries are also welcomed so that the session is optimally useful to you and your needs.

Three types of career counselling are offered at HMC: Entry level counselling, Mid-career level counselling and Senior level professional counselling. People who are dissatisfied with their jobs and feel professional stuck in their lives are given multifarious consultancies pertaining career choices, personal circumstances, social limitations etc. Our counsellors can uplift your energy and encourage you to follow your dream at 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years.

We are interested in helping you build an optimistic view on life so that you do not crack under pressure and use your growth mindset to overcome every situation. Our counsellors give you reality checks and real-time solutions that few people are willing to offer in such a competitive professional environment.


to work religiously towards your dreams and goals

Strong Work Ethic

to become vigilant of your strengths to win every day


to stand out even when there is no one watching


to not let yourself give up or make excuses
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