Revive Your Business
Through Complete Restructuring

Learn how you can make maximum profits and optimize your current resources to become more competitive in the market through a targeted customer segment.

A lot of people today start their own small business without considering the implications of the minutest decisions. A business, once started, can become increasingly overwhelming and difficult to handle. Such a situation demands expert consultancy.

The focus on all times is on the sales of the products and services that are being delivered under your small business. We will give your business a “makeover” or “glo-up” so that it is progressing without reaching an equilibrium in growth.

At HMC, we are interested in clients who built a small business but are now struggling to manage it, or who have come to a standstill in terms of sales and ideas. This is natural and happens to the best of us, so there is no need to worry!

HMC offers its consultancy services of small business restructuring by evaluating the history of the business and the various expectations initially made. Our experts give you reality checks on how certain things may need to be changed to ensure improvement.

This may mean working on the very foundations on which the business is structured or adding certain features that can cancel out the effects of the negative factor. We may offer replacements of the business model itself, with proper guidance.

In our small scale business restructuring, individuals owing businesses are advised in the following aspects:

  • business models
  • marketing & advertising options
  • manufacturing & retail distribution channels
  • direct & on-demand sales
  • possible partnerships
  • company team
  • goals & business objectives
  • administrative functions
  • financial management, accounting & generation of revenue
  • customer service
  • administrative tasks
  • sustainability of the business
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