SMSSchool Management System

With our School Management System, teachers and institutions can create ease in their student-related correspondences and activities

After the pandemic 2020, it’s obvious that things can be very unpredictable! With physical learning made harder, online teaching method along with school management system have become quite popular. HMC has developed its own School Management System to help schools, colleges and universities perform institutional work.

Our School Management System forms an intersection for teachers, students and administration to collaborate, interact and communicate without the need of physical presence. This also becomes an effective way to disperse information and make it readily available to the concerned party(s).


Transforming Institutions
into Virtual Systems

Streamline academic activities at HMC’s technological platform to impart cohesive knowledge to students while performing administrative functions.

HMC’s School Management System is a technological wonder as it helps not only the institution but also its teachers, students and the parents. As the world turns digital, schools, colleges and universities, too, are becoming highly advanced in their functions.

With our SMS software, heavy information can be assimilated at one place without the hassle of having registers and what not! Teachers can directly connect with parents and update them about the students progress. Online tests, assignments and lectures can be arranged on the LMS. Upcoming school activities, notifications and alerts can be actively circulated to all students and teachers. The teacher can maintain class attendance, participation points, subject grade/score, forums etc. on the system for better learning experience of the student.

Benefits for Institutions 

  • Fee management and online payment, circulation of important notices to teachers, students and parents, maintaining e-library, selling e-books etc.

Benefits for teachers

  • Maintaining online attendance, sharing lectures or syllabus content, updating scores, planning assessments, sharing heavy media (audio/video/images/documents etc.), maintaining class participation through forum discussions, answering student’s queries, connecting with parents, turning in results to the department etc.

Benefits for Students

  •  Receiving timely updates on subjects and school activities, submitting assignments directly to portal, direct correspondence with teacher, assimilation of all media related to subject in one location etc.

Benefits for Parents

  • Contact with teachers, availability of online results and fee submission etc.
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